Kianga Ellis Projects

I am truly honored to be amongst a group of incredible contemporary artists with Kianga Ellis Projects (KEP). KEP is a mobile gallery program that hosts conversations about studio practice and the work of invited contemporary artists. This summer they are located in the Railyard Arts District of Santa Fe, NM.

Ellis has selected to highlight my 10,000 Hours project. My 0-500 limited edition book is available through KEP. 0-500 features images and selected pages from my knitting journal from the first 500 hours of my 10,000 hours journey. (The cover image is shown above.) A display copy will be available at the gallery to look through in person. Each book comes in a hand-knit slipcover with a single button closure.

Also on display at KEP are the limited edition Sea Change (block print created from knitted lace swatch), Ai Weiwei Xi’an Warrior Knitting Vigil (24×16 & 14×11 photos on rag paper), Knitting Vigil Self Portrait for Ai Weiwei (photo on stretched canvas), and Knitting Vigil for Ai Weiwei and His Four Missing Associates (knitted sunflower seed motif in pima cotton). Find out more at the KEP website.

At the end of July, I will be heading down to Santa Fe to join my fellow artists for the inaugural KEP Art Talks Weekend. Starting Friday evening July 29th and running straight through Sunday evening July 31st, KEP will present a series of discussions, panels, and presentations that truly focus on the path artists take and the role of the art they make in contemporary society.

I will give my next live broadcast from KEP on Sunday, July 31st. Afterwards, artist An Xiao will join us via Skype from Beijing for a discussion on the role of social media in contemporary art. For details check my Events Page.

I am so incredibly excited to take 10,000 Hours “out for a walk” in such an inspiring setting. KEP opens to the public next Friday, July 8th.