10,000 Hours Call for Help

Entering this first quarter of 2012, I need help funding the instructional side of 10,000 Hours. Here’s a breakdown of what I have lined up:

$150 – Local immersive knitting weekend. Including 6 hours of instruction from a professional knitting teacher.

$35 – Local class on knitting gloves. New techniques for me will be creating a thumb gusset and learning how to knit the individual fingers.

$28 – Local class on seaming knitted items.

$90 – TKGA (The Knitting Guild Association) Master Hand Knitting Program Level 1. Correspondence research and instruction program.

Total = $303

If you can help, please visit the 10,000 Hours Sponsorship page and look over the sponsorship levels and their corresponding benefits. I have added the Sea Change print (pictured above) to the $100 sponsorship level. (For which you also receive a photo from the 10,000 Hours project and an invitation to The Amateur Hour party once I reach 5,000 hours.) Only 20 Sea Change prints are available. And of course sponsorship at any level is greatly appreciated.

I truly am at a point where these things won’t happen without sponsorship; so, I thank you in advance for any help you can give in sponsoring the instruction side (the absolutely essential part) of 10,000 Hours. And please spread the word! Thank you so much.

*About Sea Change: I made Sea Change to commemorate the first 500 hours (1/20th of the journey). I knitted a “Sea Foam” stitch lace swatch, attached it to a printing block, shellacked it for durability, and have run a limited edition print & watercolor on 100% rag linen paper. This print is currently available through  10,000 Hours Sponsorship at the $100 level. You can read more on Sea Change in my June 2011 blog entry.

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