Happy Birthday to #10kHrs

Exactly one year ago today I launched my biggest project yet, 10,000 Hours (#10kHrs). It’s a massive performance piece with mixed media, video, and installation components as well. It’s both my albatross and my North star.

I must admit that the past two weeks I was feeling more burdened by #10kHrs than inspired. I was not enjoying my knitting time; I was feeling drained financially and emotionally by this beast. Every hour I marked down in the log book felt like three and, given that I’ve got five to eight more years of this, I was a bit down.

However, there’s something about a good anniversary that rejuvenates my spirits. So the past couple of days leading up to the one-year mark I’ve been happily scheming and planning new avenues for 10,000 Hours; visualizing some local “art interventions,” planning public outreach, and thinking of ways to turn all this fabric into art that I am genuinely excited about.

It is neither a good luck omen, nor a curse; it is merely my companion for the foreseeable future and I look forward to making something truly beautiful with it. Happy Birthday, #10kHrs!