Charting a Course

After a year and a half of openly seeking all the knitting instruction and techniques I could, I feel I’m ready to start heading into some focus areas. I have two knitting areas that really draw me and that I truly enjoy: lace and designing accessories.

I love lace. Everything about it. Reading the charts  (forwards and backwards), the phrasing of a pattern row, the very real potential that a few seconds of lapsed attention can lead to hours of undoing/redoing work, the way the bunched up wrinkly mess dangling from the needles becomes elegant gossamer fabric once finished and blocked (stretched). Lace is a lovely process and I’m, well, rather process oriented… hence the whole 10,000 Hours project.

Designing accessories is another process; one in which I have to solve structural as well as aesthetic problems. Creating wearables for hands, arms, necks, or heads gives me limitations and pushes me to find unique solutions within those confines. I can continue to incorporate various knitting techniques into the accessory design as well, still allowing me to feed my appetite for various styles, techniques, and methods.

I feel like this is definitely a milestone along the path… discovering which areas I’m ready to focus on. No longer completely adrift in the vast ocean of knitting skills.

As far as the 10,000 Hours project as a whole is going… I’m more and more enthralled with the neurological processes that go along with skill development. I’ve started seeking out articles on what happens in our bodies as we learn. Then, when I am actually experiencing those things, I have this, “Oh, so that’s what that feels like,” moment. My driving force: always asking “What’s going on here, what effect is this having, and what’s it like?” Exploring the fascinating and bizarre world of subjective experience through objective ends.

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