Not a Toymaker

Most of March I was working to finish a piece for my newest series Into the Night Sea. I finally finished the conjoined-twin teddy bears, “Attachment.” I thought for sure they were going to do me in. I had tracked down and ordered what seems to be the 10 last available skeins of a hand dyed cotton chenille yarn that is no longer produced. This yarn makes a beautiful fabric that is lusciously soft. But 4 hours of working with it was the equivalent of 8 hours with a regular yarn. I ended up bruised, cut, and in fairly rough shape… because of yarn. The bears took 67 hours to knit in total. By the end I was ready to call a physical therapist. (Which I may still do just to make sure I’m taking precautions to avoid injuries.) I am very happy with the way the bears turned out, but I am thankful to be back to lace and light delicate fibers.Blog3-29-13

Transformation & Terror

Tonight was the Designers’ Orientation meeting for the 2013 West Eighteenth Street Fashion Show. I am one of nine accessories designers selected by the panel to pair with the eighteen collections which will premier on the runway June 8th. This is a mind boggling step in 10,000 Hours. In two years I’ve gone from having never knit a single stitch to showing a hand knit accessories collection on a runway. They’re estimating close to 3,000 viewers will be in attendance this year. Once the meeting was over, I left (well fled really) clutching my notebook and feeling dizzy. This is a massive amount of transformation in a short period of time and part of my psyche is still trying to catch up.


Life Lines

Blog3-27-13As I’m finishing up my third annual “lace personal challenge” project I’ve been thinking about life lines. Life lines are little threads (often unwaxed dental floss) knitters will run through a row of stitches, most often in lace; a kind of safety net. Should the project ever tragically come off of the needles or the knitter finds they’ve made a big mistake, they can let the knitting unravel back to that life line where their stitches will be held neatly for them ready to try, try again. Some knitters think using life lines is a mark of weakness. I don’t know about you, but if a piece of floss can keep me from possibly losing hours and hours of work then I’m going to use it.