Not a Toymaker

Most of March I was working to finish a piece for my newest series Into the Night Sea. I finally finished the conjoined-twin teddy bears, “Attachment.” I thought for sure they were going to do me in. I had tracked down and ordered what seems to be the 10 last available skeins of a hand dyed cotton chenille yarn that is no longer produced. This yarn makes a beautiful fabric that is lusciously soft. But 4 hours of working with it was the equivalent of 8 hours with a regular yarn. I ended up bruised, cut, and in fairly rough shape… because of yarn. The bears took 67 hours to knit in total. By the end I was ready to call a physical therapist. (Which I may still do just to make sure I’m taking precautions to avoid injuries.) I am very happy with the way the bears turned out, but I am thankful to be back to lace and light delicate fibers.Blog3-29-13

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