Sea Legs

The West 18th Street Fashion Show is just 3 weeks away and I think I’m starting to get my sea legs. I’m functioning more efficiently. I’ve broken each accessory down into its component parts and listed these sections with approximated knitting times. I’m tackling various sections and checking things off. I’ve figured out which sections can be farmed out and have saddled my friend and fellow artist Chris Dahlquist with some of the knitting labor. Everything is chugging along. I no longer feel like I’m flailing about terrified that I’ll let everyone down. I’m now running a business with a big deadline. I’m in full on production mode: knitting while walking with my mom in the mornings, seaming together pieces in my studio in the afternoons, and more knitting at night. Ticking off items on my list. The nausea & outright fear are in the past, now there’s just work to do.Blog5-16-13