I can say without a doubt that being an official accessories designer for this year’s West 18th Street Fashion Show has absolutely made me a better knitter. Some of it I’m still processing. There are, of course, the basic things I’ve improved such as: speed of knitting, speed of designing and pattern writing, and materials sourcing. (Quality gold metallic yarn is not easy to find on an artist’s budget.) But other aspects to my knitting and designing were polished in the process as well. Work flow and planning for a large project with multiple pieces, for example. I look at knitting projects and deadlines with a new eye… I ruthlessly deconstruct them. I still write overly optimistic completion dates next to each step, however. And here’s the most surprising part, for me… I think I’m hooked. As painful and terrifying as the fashion show process was, I loved it. I truly had not anticipated that. Everything from calling my husband near tears at the dress rehearsal (because oh my god it’s a disaster!) to being on my hands and knees taping a garter to a model’s leg, begging another model not to sit down so the socks wouldn’t stretch, and breathing in who knows how much iridescent makeup as the models got airbrushed… to the backstage jittery energy, the ever so fleeting 2.5 minutes the collection hit the runway (and nobody fell!), and the flurry of media afterwards! I kinda loved it all.

Here’s a video of the collection as it looked hitting the runway:

Thank you to Paige Beltowski, the garment designer the producers paired me with. She is definitely someone to keep an eye on!

And should you feel moved to take any part of it home, contact me!Blog6-14-13

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